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Millicent releases new dance EP  'Global Party'





The singer, songwriter and music producer known as Millicent has released her debut EP as a solo performer, “Global Party.”


The singer, songwriter and music producer known as Millicent has released her debut single as a solo performer, “Global Party.” The tracks have been published on the Taffe Music independent record label. 

Pulsing, thumping, bumping with synth bass and bringing the house music tradition into 2018 with class and style, “Global Party” is a sure sign that Millicent is a name for DJs and music fans to watch. Parties everywhere will not be the same if this EP is not played.

The UK-based Millicent cites as main artistic influences such iconic singers and songwriters as Maxwell, Diana Ross, Jennifer Holliday, Etta James, and Billie Holiday. Her own sound retains the clarity and precision of these artists while adding also the back beats and modern instrumentation that have made electronic dance music the most influential sound of the new millennium.

Speaking of the party theme of her new “Global Party” EP, Millicent writes, “I love to people watch especially, when they are out having a good time. So I decided to sing about it from that perspective.”

Millicent describes her songwriting process as intuitive, rather than academic.

“I feel music,” she writes. “I have never learnt to play an instrument. I just go with the feel of the notes and if it feels good, then I create the sound and the words and the melody finds me.”

While Millicent's “Global Party” represents the artist's solo debut, it is preceded by her British “lover's rock” girl group, Simplicity, with whom she performed several original hits. She followed up on this success with an all-female American band, Flirtations.

“My driving ambition is to create music that connects deeply,” writes Millicent, “to create sounds and melodies that are a bit strange or unique (is the word I love) which ultimately, nourishes the starving soul.” She goes on to elucidate on her passion for newness in song: “I have a cavernous love of creating unconventional sounds and melodies, because for me music is powerful and healing. I believe I am a spiritual being who uses this medium to connect with others on an otherworldly plane.”

Millicent's music is even more than this connection, however.

She writes of her music goals, “I want my music to touch the world, and the hearts and minds of everyone who hears my songs, because no matter how different we are, we are all the same where music is concerned. Even though the beats may differ, music is a universal language that needs expressions of love, loss, anger, hope, etc. to help others. This is how we purge ourselves of these and other emotions, and that is what connects us.”

“Global Party” by Millicent is available from all good digital record outlets.

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